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If required a manhole made of concrete can be produced with an inlet and outlet designed to connect to the Krah pipe system. For the cover of the manholes there exist all different kinds of possibilities. Especially the application case and the loads are a major criteria for the correct choice of the cover.

Regularly the manholes are installed in such a way that the top edge is justified to the earth´s surface or the street. In this case the cover has to be designed in a way that the direct load conditions, e.g. crossing vehicles, can be carried and forwarded. The most frequently used system is the concrete plate above the manhole which lies on a ring anchor.

The advantage is that the rising loads are not forwarded to the manhole but through the ring anchor to the surrounding earth.

These covers are especially suitable for the installation in roads, as the cover is integrated into the asphalt and flexibly connected with the manhole (telescopic). Thus the cover moves with the asphalt in case that the road settles and the manhole is always even.

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