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The quality of the pipes and the pipe products is the criterion for all developments of Krah Bahrain. As the international requirements vary because of the different norms and standards, there exists a multiplicity of test procedures for the quality assurance. The whole production process is included in an extensive Total Quality Management System. There are two main fields, the one is the internal quality control and the other is the extern (third-party) quality control.

Generally the internal quality control is divided into three different steps:

01. Before production control
The raw materials and any other input are tested regarding the melting flow ratio, moisture and colour. Usually any new delivery of material is tested before it is stored. Every test is documented, analysed and filed.

02. During production control
During the production the individual working steps are continously supervised and documented. Moreover the most important dimensions are measured and if necessary, corrected.

03. After production control
After the production, the final product is tested and compared with the requirements of the customer. The final minute is written and the documentation is finished.

In order to guarantee that the static theoretic values are conform to the reality pipes are continuously taken out of the production and they are tested with the help of a ringstiffness test according to DIN 16961 or ISO 9969.

Depending on the used pipe standard, the marking can be different. A minimum marking is: The pipes shall be marked at intervals of maximum 2 m, at least once per pipe.

Number of the standard, diameter serie DN/ID, manufacturer name, Stiffness Class (or Profile no.), Ring flexibility (RF30), Material code.

In general the whole production is constantly supervised by a third party inspection. The quality control exceeds by far the ISO 9000 certifications because in our case the quality of the final product is tested. As result we are in the position to issue quality certificates for every delivery of pipes from the most simple quality certificate 2.2 to the first class certificate 3.1b according to EN 10204.

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