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Water is of vital importance: Without water no life would exist and our planet would be a huge desert. Plants, animals and humans are composed of 50 – 80 % water, from polluted water or water scarcity however, they suffer, fall ill or even die. Therefore, our common future is endangered when water is not available in sufficient amount and quality.

Water is a heritage of nature and it belongs to all living beings. The right of access to sufficient and clean water is a universal law and it is therefore anchored in important international treaties. The uneven distribution of rain and water on Earth leads to water scarcity in many regions. Already today 1 billion people (20 % of the world population) have no secure access to clean drinking water and 2 billion people do not dispose of access to sanitary installations. Thousands of children die every year due to polluted water. Moreover global climate change will intensify the water crisis. All these facts force the world population to react in order to rescue our home planet.

To improve this situation and find solutions a lot of governmental bodies, engineering and construction companies as well as pipe manufacturers have focused in this world threatening issue. However, for years tremendous difficulties were observed when selecting the material of construction for infrastructure systems, which should be suitable to provide anticipated permanent solutions.

Over the last decades the inherent weaknesses of concrete, clay, ductile, PVC and steel caused tremendous problems in existing sewer pipe systems, as they tend to be brittle or are too sensitive to aggressive chemicals and soil conditions. Failures had become a common occurrence worldwide in sewer and other large-diameterpipe applications. In addition they have a unprofitable relation between cost and benefit.

So Krah derived benefit from the fact that the processing of polyolifines is very easy and the plastic materials provide superior properties against adverse effects of the ambient and the chemicals. In addition to the permanent solution that lasts through generations, Krah piping system is able to provide everlasting and economic solutions in wide-ranging fields of applications as for example drain, stormdrain and sewer systems as well as sea outfall, manholes and reservoirs.

In order to meet the requirements of the infrastructure systems, Krah has developed the most robust and advantageous large-bore-pipe systems of which all features are described in detail in this brochure.

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