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Installation, with high quality raw materials, which are resistant even against high concentrations of chemicals. Other advantage for this special scope of application is the Krah electro fusion pipe connection. Herewith we can guarantee the high quality not only for the pipe but rather for a complete system.

Pipes made from PP have been proven their quality in industrial praxis.

The transport of Krah pipes is very easy as they are very good to move due to the low weight. It only has to be ensured, that the pipes cannot move and that they are stored in the right way. In special cases, e.g. if the pipes are shipped in containers, it is recommendable to adapt the total length of the pipe to the shipping conditions in order to use the space most efficiently.

Forklifts with a rod of 5 meters are very suitable for the handling of the pipe in the production facilities. On site no additional heavy devices are needed. Normally the pipes can be unloaded und transported to the trench by an excavator which anyway is present on site.

For the storage of the pipes and fittings it is absolutely necessary that they are stored on even ground, free of stones and sharp-edged objects, so that point-loads are avoided. Further it is important to make sure that the sockets of the upper layer are not contacting the sockets of the lower layer. This means, the pipes of each layer have to be rotated by 180°.

In any case the pipes have to be protected against rolling, especially if the pipes are stored in several layers above each other. A maximum height of 4 meters should not be exceeded.

In addition to the security aspect the pipes should always be stored in such a way that they do not deform. Generally there should be three wood bearing supports to guarantee a good load distribution.

The installation of Krah pipes is very easy. After the trench has been prepared in the same way as for all other pipes the Krah pipe is laid down und aligned. The individual pipe parts are jointed with the different kinds of jointing techniques.

The backfilling has to be carried out according to the requirements of the statical calculations. In general, the installation is carried out according to EN 1610.

According to the requirements pipe systems have to be tested for leakage. There exist different kinds of test procedures.

The first alternative is the section test, where the total pipe sections (between two manholes) are tested in all. Air hoses are blown up and they lock the pipes at both ends. Then, water with a certain nominal pressure is pumped into the tightened section. This overpressure is tested after a certain period of time which gives information about the leakage of the section.

The other alternative is the jointing test (only possible with diameters greater than DN/ID 600 mm), where only the pipe joints are tested as it is assumed that the pipes themselves are tight. A leakage testing device is used but the testing principle is the same applied in the section test, the only difference is that the test area is the joint.

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