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In this section you will find overview of the main applications our pipes are used for. Applications covered here are not the only ones where our products can be used. We are continuously working in cooperation with our partners and clients in order to find and develop new products and applications.

Due to the versatility of Krah pipes, with all its different kinds of profiles, they are applicable in all kind of fields of application:



1. Clients have the following requirements and concerns:
      - Price
      - Life time
      - Maintenance costs
      - Enviromental aspects

2. Consultants have the following requirements and concerns:
      - Quality
      - Life time
      - Jointing
      - Support
      - Complete delivery program
      - Availability
      - Easy to handle
     - Confidence in the material
3. Constructors have the following requirements and concerns:
      - Easy installation
      - Quick installation
      - Secure jointing
      - No additional training
      - No additional expensive equipment

 • Low installation cost.
 • Short installation time.
 • Uses Electro Fusion joints.
 • No special equipment needed.
 • Long service life and slow rate of depreciation.
 • Low maintenance costs.

 • Light weight and flexible.
 • High resistance against abrasion, acids, lye, 
    atmospheric  corrosion and UV radiation.
 • Easy to load and store.
 • 100% recyclable and environment friendly.
 • Deformation performance is a safety factor.

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